Red Sonja in the Winter

Red Sonja Cosplay
( Winter Style )

by Sharla El-Zzad

Red Sonja in the Winter Cosplay

Red Sonja in the Winter Cosplay
Model: Its-Raining-Neon
Photographer: Its-Raining-Neon

The super artist, DeAnna Davis AKA “itsrainingneon” was gracious enough NOT to pollute our brain cells and corneas by basing her cosplay off of the gore/shock/and titties fest of the original Red Sonja movie. No my sexxxalishus triple threat artist based her cosplay off of the newer, revamped, and sexxxalishus version starring goth queen Rose McGowan.

I called the artist “itsrainingneon” a triple threat because for this cosplay creation she created the cosplay down to the weapons, modeled the cosplay creations and she even photographed them herself!  BOOM!  Plus as a photographer myself I can attest that “editing” should be considered an art form as well so in my humble opinion? DeAnna Davis is a quadruple threat!

So here she is in all of her stunning glory, ready to show you all just how incredibly gifted she is.

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