Sensual Cosplay

Hardqoor  Cosplay Magazine is a showcase for “Sensual Cosplay” created just for Cosplay lovers; specifically for 18+ year old adults who enjoy viewing their cosplay from an adult perspective.

HardQoor Magazine is the first magazine in the world devoted to Sensual Cosplay.

Hardqoor Magazine is really a “Blog-A-Zine” founded by me and ran by me and my partner, photographer Damali Conceptuals. We want to give cosplayers the opportunity to showcase their work from all over the universe. Except that we would prefer to focus more on cosplay for adults who like to play. We would like to feature your sexiest, cutest, naughtiest, daring and bold cosplays from all genres. We love sensual anime, hentai, manga, gaming, movies, tv shows, fantasy, and we even consider “Steam Punk” to be a form of cosplay. We adore ecchii cosplay as long as it’s not nude or pornographic. We  believe in keeping cosplay creative and artistic, naturally keeping  sensual cosplay classy, but always…ALWAYS keeping it SEXXXALISHUS!!

Damali and I are always looking for people who are willing to donate their time and creativity by submitting images and articles that they feel would be a good fit for our magazine or if they would like to make a donation so we can keep this online magazine growing, we would appreciate that as well. We envision Hardqoor Cosplay Magazine morphing into a sensual cosplay community. So, if you have an eye for “sensual cosplay” join us!  If you have a flair for writing articles about the things you love and you just happen to love cosplay? Join us! If you are a photographer who shoots sensual cosplay and you want to share your gifts with the world? Join Us! Even if you do not have the time or inclination to join us or support our new endeavor  but you know somebody that does? Please spread the word and tell them that we would like for them to JOIN US!!

I am Sharla El-Zzad and I am the publisher of HardQoor Magazine. I look forward to the both of us sharing this experience together.


Sensually Yours,
Sharla El-Zzad

I am Sharla El-Zzad - Publisher and creator of Hardqoor Magazine.

Sharla El-Zzad – Publisher of Hardqoor Magazine.